School Training/Workshops

We offer a full day in house training to all members of staff within a schooling environment, from dinner ladies to the management team.

In this session we help you see things through the eyes of an Autistic child. Understanding how the child perceives the world is a major step towards why they 'behave' as they do and ultimately how to change that behaviour.

We cover:

Understanding how the child sees the world
What potential problems there are and avoiding them
How to get the child to adjust and accept situations
Help you understand why they do what they do
Techniques to change what they do
How to connect with the child
Develop effective communication
Help them make choices
Understand what upsets them and causes tantrums
Dealing with socially unacceptable situations
Help control aggression
Understanding the importance of sleep.


Are you struggling to understand a child in your school?

Are you struggling to engage with a child in your school?

If the answer is yes, then let us come in and observe the child and support worker. We will then work with the support worker to put strategies in place to help with the current issues of concern.

"Our life was pretty miserable with Jacks strange behaviour and tantrums. We didn't even want to go out. Your help taught us how to change both Jacks behaviour as well as changing our outlook on life. We feel more like a 'normal' family now"

- Mrs V Zender