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We are not going to tell you it is easy, because it isn’t. The road of understanding and change is long and difficult, but there is genuine hope out there and we are living proof it can be done. The simple fact is that there is currently very little help out there for parents who have hundreds of questions that desperately need answering. We felt so alone and decided that we would not accept what we were told and set about finding answers.

It still makes us angry that there is so little help out there and that parents lose precious time in trying to find out what is available. Beat Autism was created to help other desperate parents find their way through this challenging condition and gain the help and support that is so very much needed.


Over 20 Years

We have over 20 years of experience dealing with Autistic children and feel passionate about being able to help others


Child Psychology, Autism and Child Behaviour, Cognitive behaviour therapy, Mental Health, ADHA, Dyslexia, Sleep, Suicide Assist, Mental Health 1st Aid


We are living proof that through hard work and determination change is possible

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A very big thank you to the fantastic companies and charities who have helped support various projects within our group. Our work would not be possible without their generous backing…